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Pinocchio Special: mushrooms, onions, ham, peppers, sweetcorn, olives. £5.40
Capricciosa: Mild Salami, Olives £4.60
Marinara: Sardines, Prawns, anchovies £5.00
quattro Stagioni: Four Different Sections (Large only) £9.00
Margherita: Extra cheese, oregano £4.60
Caterina: Ham , Onions £4.60
Americano: Beef , Onions £4.60
Vegetarian: Mushrooms, onions,peppers, olives. £4.60
Mexicano: Peperoni, olives £5.00
Napoli: Anchovies, capers £4.60
Tropicale: Ham, pineapple £4.60
Country: Mushroom, beef, onions, egg. £5.00
Superizza; Everything listed above except egg. £6.00
Neptuna; Tuna, onions £4.60
Trinacria: Mushrooms,sweetcorn,artichokes, pizza spice £4.60
Medici: Tuna, mussels,cockles, prawns £4.60
Luciana: Chicken, mushrooms £4.60
Bolognese: Bolognese sauce, topped with cheese £5.00
Chilli: Chilli con carne sauce topped with cheese £5.00
Pasta Menu; Spaghetti bolognese £4.40
Pasta Menu; Spaghetti with Meatballs £5.00
Pasta Menu; Ravioli £4.60
Pasta Menu; Lasagne £5.50
Pasta Menu; Vegetable Ravioli £4.60
Homemade colesaw £0.70p
Homemade Potato salad £0.70p
Garlic bread £1.80
Various Can Drinks £0.70p
Please tell us your additional meal details, eg: no onions.
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