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Food Taxi

Food-Taxi is considering the introduction of a fast food home delivery service in your area. With this survey, we would like to find out the customers’ opinions about this concept. Therefore, we would kindly ask you to fill in this questionnaire. The survey is completely anonymous and the information gathered during the survey will be used for informational purpose only.

1. How often have you had food delivered during the last month? *
 I have not had food delivered during the last month
 1-2 times
 3-5 times
 6-8 times
 9 times or more
2.What kind of food have you ordered with food delivery service during the last month? Tick all boxes that apply
 Italian food (Pizza, pasta, etc)
 Turkish food (Shoarma, Kebab, etc)
 Chinese food
 Hamburgers and French fries
3. In general, on what occasion do you have food delivered? Tick all boxes that apply
 I never use a food delivery service
 When I don’t want to buy groceries and prepare food
 When I don’t have the opportunity to do groceries and prepare food (e.g.: considering the time)
 On special occasions, e.g. when I have a party or visitors
 When I want to eat a specific kind of food that is delivered.
 Other occasions
4. How often have you visited McDonald’s, Nando's, K.F.C. etc: during the last month to order a full meal? *
 I haven’t visited any during the last month
 1-2 times
 3-5 times
 6-8 times
 9 times or more
5. How long are you prepared to wait for your food to be delivered? *
 Less than 40 minutes
 Between 40-60 minutes
6. Are you willing to spend a minimum of 10 on a delivery order? *
7. Would you be willing to pay a fee of 3.99 to have McDonald’s food delivered? *
When you checked the first or second box in question 8, please continue with question 9   
8. If your favourite restaurant would offer a home delivery service, what is the chance that you would use it? *
 I would definitely use it
 I would consider to use it
 I probably won’t use it
 I would definitely not use it


9. Would you eat from these restaurant more often if they offered a home delivery service?
 I would definitely eat  more often
 I would probably eat  more often
 I would not eat more often than I do now

10. What Restaurant, if any, would you order from if we delivered?

Thank you for your participation in the survey. Please contact FOOD.TAXI@HOTMAIL.CO.UK if you have any questions regarding this survey.

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