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Attention Restaurant Owners!

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Hello and thank you for taking interest in our new endeavor "".  

How is your carry out business doing? Could it be better? How many people will order pizza delivery today because they don't want the inconvenience of chasing after food. If you sign with us they won't have to chase anymore.

We will have all your carryout menus on our website.                for your customers to browse over before ordering.

Benifits To The Restaurant:
  • No hassle.
  • High visability for your restaurant.
  • Provide Food-Taxi with a carry out menu and or link to your website and we will do the rest.
  • Update Food-Taxi of price and menu changes.

Once we gather an order it will be promptly forwarded to your Restaurant and a delivery person will show up to pick up and pay for the order. Your Restaurant will experience no difference than any other carry out order. Keeping it simple keeps it profitable,

To sign up contact (0844) 357-3750 or send Email to: FOOD.TAXI@HOTMAIL.CO.UK                                            
Food Taxi
                                           Why travel... When we can do it for you!


Here's why delivery with Food-Taxi can work for your restaurant:

At some point, you’ve probably considered providing delivery to your customers. It’s a great idea, but providing delivery using in-house staff can really affect your restaurant’s efficiency and cut into your profits. Here's where Food-Taxi can help you. 

Food-Taxi is a unique multi-restaurant delivery service. We currently have restaurant agreements with thirteen local restaurants to provide delivery of their food on a commissioned basis.

You may be thinking… “Why would I use
Food-Taxi when I could provide delivery myself?” Good question. The answer is simple: We can provide delivery to your customer base (and new customers as well) at no additional cost to you. You can increase your profits through Food-Taxi without hiring additional staff, increasing your liability insurance, or increasing your square footage. 

can provide your establishment incremental sales by using our great service, targeted marketing, professional customer service representatives, courteous delivery drivers, and two-way radio communication to provide our customers with consistent, affordable delivery service that caters their favorite meals to their home, office or hotel room..

The only additional costs associated with these incremental sales are
your food costs. Not only does Food-Taxi bring substantial delivery business to you, we also help you increase your dine-in business by advertising your entire menu on our website – 365 days a year.
Keep your customers ordering no matter where they are!         

 Or CALL: (0844) 357-3750